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EUBA Entrepreneurs Association is a representative of interests and a close and innovator partner of international members under companies which are especially small and medium sized and which think beyond borders. Members’ satisfaction and success always remain in the forefront.

Founders took office through a leading objective on the basis of creating a strong and leader association in Europe and Germany in order to realize multinational ideas. EUBA supports the members with relationships of cooperation and information which are multi-directional and matured for years against foreign institutions regarding formation of international trade relations and it presents such a comprehensive service offer to them.  

It is also a challenging duty for EUBA that change of economic, political-social and technological frame circumstances which have been more serial day by day in a globalized economy. The association keeps service at the highest level for members by seeking new solutions continuously. On-the-job trainings and development of members with the support and guardianship of changeable information transfer is very important for EUBA.

In order to correspond to this challenging duty, EUBA has founded branches in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria through its free and non-bureaucratic promoter ideas since the date of its establishment. The objective in each country is comprehensive branches regarding solution of prevailing problems and tasks for the benefit of each member. In this way problems special to companies can be solved by approaching them in a fast way and saving time.